The Parish Council now has specific working groups to deal with new and committed projects that have been decided by the full parish council.

These working groups have a committee and  nominated chair person, They hold regular meetings and report back to the full parish council each month.

If you wish to contact any of the individual councilors on a matter that would be of interest to a specific working group please use the meet your Councilor page here


Working Group Members

Community Events 

Cllrs; Khan (Chairman)

Hardy, Kent, McLeod, Rice and Shutt


Cllrs; Almond (Chairman) 

Hardy, Jones, Khan, Rice, Shutt and Wood

Safety, Street Scene and Facilities

Cllrs; Wood (Chairman)

Almond, Hardy, Jones, McLeod and Shutt 


Cllrs; McLeod (Chairman)

Almond, Hardy, Rice and Shutt


Cllrs; Hardy (Chairman)

Almond, Jones and Wood