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The Council is in the process of commissioning a new website where any outstanding accessibility issues will be addressed.

Christmas 2020


Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it is with deep regret that we are unable to hold our Annual Christmas Events.


We hope you enjoy the Parish Council Christmas lights on the trees and street lighting columns.


Best wishes for the festive season.



As part of the council's annual £2.35m capital and revenue programme of planned footway maintenance works. A package of footway maintenance work has commenced at various locations within the East Riding and will take approximately 8 weeks to complete.
The works will consist of patch repairs and slurry sealing of the existing footways at the following locations (during daytime working hours):-
- The Lunds, Kirk Ella
- Northfield, Swanland
- The Avenue, Anlaby
- Collynson Close, Willerby
- Astral Close, Hessle
- George Street, Cottingham
- Hallgate, Cottingham
- King Street, Cottingham
This work will be carried out by PBS Construction (NE) Ltd as part of the Footway Term Service Contract for 2018-20. All the works will be carried out under localised traffic management; the contractor will endeavour to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum during the working hours.

Remembrance Sunday Service

The Service of Remembrance for Anlaby and Anlaby Common, including an Act of Remembrance, will be online this Sunday, on YouTube. The service will be available from approximately 10am.
The service can be accessed in one of two ways:

> Directly on the Anlaby Churches YouTube channel

> Via where you can also download the service sheet and find links to the songs.

I do hope you'll be able to join us as we give thanks for those who have given their lives in service of their country, and pray for God's mercy on our nation at this time.



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Anlaby Community Care Association would like to hear from any resident if they have any concerns about passing the building over to a local Charity called Men in Sheds Haltemprice.  If you require any further information please phone Councillor Mary-Rose Hardy on 503906 as soon as possible.

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Temporary Road Closures

The Parkway Willerby (click here)

Gorton Road Willerby (click here)

Kingston Road Willerby (click here)


Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the Parish Council will not be holding monthly Parish Council meetings until further notice.



FREE Bespoke Cycle Training on Offer to East Riding Residents

During the lockdown, many residents have been walking and cycling as part of their daily exercise.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is keen for people to continue as the restrictions are eased and its Road Safety Team is offering safe, free personal cycle training to support residents in this transition.
The sessions will help to give adults and children aged 11 and over the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence to cycle more regularly as workplaces, shops and as schools begin to reopen.
The council’s Road Safety Team would like to see walking and cycling become a ‘new normal’ for people who only have short, daily journeys.
Principal road safety officer Steve Wigley said: “We’ve seen a lot of people across the county walking and cycling more regularly in the past couple of months.
“Now is the perfect opportunity for us all to really look hard at our future travel habits and to convert these leisure activities into active commuter journeys, reducing the overall number of vehicles on our roads, the current burden on public transport and dependence on cars, creating cleaner, less congested and more enjoyable environments.”
Councillor Chris Matthews, portfolio holder for strategic management, said: “As we all know, daily physical exercise has a huge impact on improving our physical and mental health which East Riding of Yorkshire Council is extremely keen to encourage.”
“We want to support more of our residents with the opportunity to access free cycle training giving them the necessary road skills to make cycling their regular way to travel.”

For more information, advice or to discuss free cycle training requirements, please email: 

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SCAM NHS Test and Trace emails
We have seen the first phishing email relating to the Test & Trace service. Notably, the fake email refers to the service as ‘track and trace’. The email advises the recipient that they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. They are instructed to click on a link in order to find out who that person is and are warned that if they fail to do so within 24 hours, legal action may be taken and their benefits suspended. The email address from which this message is sent is

Please remember that tracers will only ever contact person by phone and NEVER in person. Also this service is free. I am aware of people being contacted by someone claiming to be from the Test and Trace service then asking for £500 for a test to be administered.

SCAM Amazon gift card
A new Amazon phishing campaign has emerged claiming to offer recipients the chance to win a £1,000 Amazon gift card. The subject reads: “On the occasion of overcoming the coronavirus, Amazon gives you the gift of victory.” The sender name is spoofed to read ‘ The recipient is instructed to click on a link in order to apply. The link has been identified as malware. It is common for such scams offering free vouchers to ask for a persons bank details. Please be aware and remember 'If it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is!!!






Please find below link for ordering replacement brown bin caddy liners.



Hessle and Anlaby Food Bank

Hessle and Anlaby Food Bank has been set up with the initial objective of assisting people who are in need of assistance as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you or anyone you know is in need of essential supplies, please call the emergency telephone line at the Town Hall to register with the Food Bank. The line is manned by volunteers from Monday to Friday to collate requests for assistance. Food parcels will be delivered to applicants twice a week on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Hessle and Anlaby Food Bank 01482 648566




Important Message from Humberside Police

Dear Resident

We are writing to you with regards to how you can access support and safeguard yourself against scams during the coronavirus outbreak.

Unfortunately, not everyone out there is trustworthy and some people will try to take advantage of this unusual situation our society is facing and try to exploit people.

Please click on the link Scam Advice Letter



NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19)




(please note a short part of the walk is through woodland so strong footwear is recommended).


Starting from the Red Lion Pub in the centre of Anlaby village, walk southward onto Lowfield Road.  After a few yards turn right at the ”Barber” shop onto Ringrose Lane.  At the bottom of the lane turn left into a short snicket.  At the end of the snicket turn right onto Beech Lawn.  At the end of Beech Lawn turn right into Voases Lane, after a short time Voases Lane swings sharp right but you will turn into an unnamed walled snicket which is a public right of way, which leads into the Anlaby House Estate.  On emerging from the snicket, walk forwards towards a magnificent cedar tree passing the imposing front of Anlaby House on your left.  Immediately after you pass Anlaby House, turn sharp left into Anlaby House grounds which is a public green space left in trust to the people of Anlaby.  Having passed through the metal gates, veer right and keep veering right until after about 100 yards you eventually emerge onto Beverley Road.  Turn right and proceed until you meet the junction with Wilson Street (note the odd road sign at the junction with Tranby Lane as you pass by).  Turn right into Wilson Street passing St. Peter’s Church back to your starting point.
N.B. Voases and Ringrose Lanes and Wilson Street are all named after prominent old Anlaby families.  The war memorial in the grounds of St. Peter’s Church is interesting in that there are more names on it from the 2nd World War than the 1st World War which is not usually the case.  I presume it reflects the growth of the population in the local area between the wars.  Maybe you can count them if you have the time.
If you want to know about the history of Anlaby which dates back to the 9th Century Danish Settlement of (ANLAF), research Anlaby:  The History of an East Yorkshire Village 867-1999, by the late Renton Heathcote.



List of Achievements May 2015 - April 2016

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