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New Usage Policy

We regularly receive updates from Humberside Police and Kirk Ella Local Policing Team, on crime that has been detected in the local area, this information is already in the public domain.

At our Parish Council Meeting on 09-01-2014 our webiste administrator and Parish Council members were given a verbal agreement to display this information on our website, to inform and communicate with the parishioners of Anlaby and Anlaby Common.

To ensure regulatory compliance with Humberside Police we would like to ensure that the information displayed should be used in such a way that it adheres to the bullet points shown below, and any visitors to this site should understand that the information contained in this website is under the jurisdiction of this policy.

The guidelines of the policy are set out below:-
You must not disclose, copy, print, or in any other way use or rely on the data contained in this transmission.

Opinions expressed in this document may not be official policy or views of Humberside police, administrators of this website and Anlaby with Anlaby Common Parish council

Any unauthorised use or disclosure of the content used on this site should not be allowed without express permission of Anlaby with Anlaby Common Parish Council or Humberside Police.


Localism Act 2011

In accordance with the provisions of the Localism Act 2011, at its meeting on 12th July 2012, Anlaby with Anlaby Common Parish Council adopted a new Code of Conduct, which sets out the behaviour expected of Members of the Council. This Code of Conduct will apply to Members/Co-opted Members of Anlaby with Anlaby Common Parish Council when acting as such from 12th July 2012.

As previously advised, a review of the Code took place on 11th October 2012 taking into account the subsequent publication of Regulations by the Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government. A copy of the revised Code can be found on our website.

Download a copy of the revised code here (Adopted Adopted 11th November 2021 [Minute 74e)