Calling all Walkers

Published: 22 November 2022

(Please note a short part of the walk is through woodland so strong footwear is recommended).

Starting from the Red Lion Pub in the centre of Anlaby village, walk southward onto Lowfield Road. After a few yards turn right at the ”Barber” shop onto Ringrose Lane. At the bottom of the lane turn left into a short snicket. At the end of the snicket turn right onto Beech Lawn. At the end of Beech Lawn turn right into Voases Lane, after a short time Voases Lane swings sharp right but you will turn into an unnamed walled snicket which is a public right of way, which leads into the Anlaby House Estate. On emerging from the snicket, walk forwards towards a magnificent cedar tree passing the imposing front of Anlaby House on your left. Immediately after you pass Anlaby House, turn sharp left into Anlaby House grounds which is a public green space left in trust to the people of Anlaby. Having passed through the metal gates, veer right and keep veering right until after about 100 yards you eventually emerge onto Beverley Road. Turn right and proceed until you meet the junction with Wilson Street (note the odd road sign at the junction with Tranby Lane as you pass by). Turn right into Wilson Street passing St. Peter’s Church back to your starting point.

N.B. Voases and Ringrose Lanes and Wilson Street are all named after prominent old Anlaby families. The war memorial in the grounds of St. Peter’s Church is interesting in that there are more names on it from the 2nd World War than the 1st World War which is not usually the case. I presume it reflects the growth of the population in the local area between the wars. Maybe you can count them if you have the time.

If you want to know about the history of Anlaby which dates back to the 9th Century Danish Settlement of (ANLAF), research Anlaby: The History of an East Yorkshire Village 867-1999, by the late Renton Heathcote.